Liberty? Use your illusion…

Okay, I’ve just got back from a job interview with a very cool Digitial Agency to some very bad digital news. Viacom have just won their court battle with Google meaning that the search company will now be obliged to release every viewing record and IP address for every visit ever made to YouTube! Of course, it’s all about ‘massive copyright infringements’ by the YouTube community so, despite the obvious value of such activity to companies like Viacom, everyone is in the dock for their surfing habits.

Oh look, here’s all the Viacom companies… this is a *big* media company with an extraordinary amount of influence and output. And get this, their copyright has been infringed! Oh lordy…

Anyhow, I’m not going to go on about the massive damage that this ruling does to our rights of privacy; surely even Viacom aren’t blind to that. What I’m interested in is where this kind of legal madness ends? Looking at my DVDs, I can see a lot of Viacom subsidary products there, all legitimatey purchased, so in my view, I’ve been contributing to their profits. You know what, I have viewed Viacom products on YouTube and i might even have downloaded one or two others in full but here’s the thing; If I downloaded them then I didn’t want them enough to pay for them. Where’s your loss, Viacom? True, I’ve seen something I haven’t paid for but given the fact that a) i might end up buying the DVD anyhow or b) I might end up buying something else you make based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think you’ve lost anything here. In fact, you’ve possibly got yourself some free advertising.

My question is this; what happens when AOL Time Warner win a case and they get together with Viacom and any other number of similarly shady conglomerates to start working together and abusing their legally help priviliges to aggresively attack those that have ‘stolen’ from them? 1984 has never seemed closer in my opinion; home taping didn’t kill music in the 80s and the internet will not kill entertainment in the millenium.  I’m not a tree-hugging corporate hater but get a grip Viacom; get a fucking grip.


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Wheels keep on Turning

When I was a kid 2008 sounded like a long way away. It sounded like the future; I thought we’d be wearing jumpsuits and driving flying cars by now. Anyhow, tI saw something today that *did* seem like futuristic technology; the Honda Clarity.

Looks great huh?

Well, I’m not a car guy. In fact, I can’t drive and don’t need to as I live in a city centre, but I am impressed with the excellent technology of Honda’s new model. It doesn’t use conventional fuel; it’s powered by a Hydrogen fuel cell! This means that it’s only emission is carbon neutral water vapour… what a fabulous piece of tech! Congratulations to all the people at Honda Japan who had a hand in this…

I read that Honda are hoping to produce 250 of these over the next three years; hopefully they’ll be a larger roll-out in the future. I’m certain that this kind of technology is the way forward in personal transport.

But that’s the future. What about today?

India is the world’s second fastest growing society and an absolutely fantastic developing nation. Did you know that India has one of the world’s oldest democracies? Anyway, there is over 1bn Indians nowadays and this number boasts a burgeoning middle class that have worked hard to enjoy Western style privileges.  In the West, privilege nearly always means a car. To this end, enter the Nano from India’s Tata company.

Not bad huh?

Yup, the Nano is the Volkswagen for the 21st Century world. It’s a 3 door car with a small engine which sells for about 2000GPB or 3900USD for the basic model; a little more for A/C and some of the trimmings. As you know, I’m an Advertising man myself and this is a great product. The Nano will sell by the truckload; congratulations to everyone at Tata India. This is a fabulous piece of achievable design.

What does this say about our world and it’s environmental prospects? Well, it says that we live in a two tier system; the wealthy West can enjoy guilt free milage whilst our friends in India can enjoy affordable but polluting driving for the first time. The 250 Hydrogen powered Clarity’s don’t even begin to offset the millions of Nano’s that will be sold but  If we’re heading towards environmental disaster then at least most of us will be mechanised! Imagine the impact environmentally if the Nano becomes available in China!

Anyhow, our Chinese and Indian friends deserve decent transport, they’re big countries after all, but lets not forget that the Nano is very low emission compared to it’s competitors; are we looking at a relatively sustainable car for people like me that live in Western cities? You don’t need a big engine to sit in traffic jams after all… Looks good to me.


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Okay, let’s talk about George…

What a shitty way to start working on a blog; another post about George and one of his newest pals, Gordon. From what I can see, the blogosphere (what a cunty word!) is full of this kind of thing. Indulge me anyhow.

Well, it seems timely to write about this actually as George W. Bush is here in the UK at the moment as part of his farewell tour. I think he’s off to Ireland next or something but today he’s in the UK, hanging off our man Gordon to praise his fresh commitment of troops to Afghanistan. So, this is the last time he’s coming is it? Well, lets see how he has fared…

It’s very, very easy to knock George… Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, etc. Yup, he’s a bad man alrite. Anyhow, this idiot has become a soft target for people in the UK but I’m constantly amazed at how many people can’t really justify their intense hatred of this man aside Iraq. Let’s get this straight, I don’t like him at all but I know that there is more to his presidency than an unjust war or two; he has taken America backwards in it’s economy, education and healthcare system; none of which is good for the world.

I’m not going to go into details about all this, you all have eyes after all, but the simplistic view of a George as a war-mongerer and oil hungry psychopath is just very badly thought out. I have watched horrified as the US and UK have wandered into luckless conflict but to say it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong without qualifying this view is pointless. 9/11 was an era defining event, the most dramatic thing most of us have seen, and it was almost inevitable that America would seek some kind of retribution from their enemies, perceived or actual. Let’s not forget, there wasn’t many American people begging to ‘turn the other cheek’ with 3,000 dead.

Don’t get me wrong, the people of the West’s problem is not with your ordinary Afghan or Iraqi (did you know these collective nouns ten years ago?!), but the with ‘Government’s’ that represented them. The Tabilan was bad, very bad and the Ba’ath Party was just as shitty so there’s no ill intention in that the mission to depose these wankers. Lets not forget, the many palaces that troops captured in Baghdad often featured hand-carved murals on their roofs whilst families starved not a hundred yards away. What George, Tony and Gordon have fucked up so royally is allowing the mission to be widened endlessly at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives.

Deposing Saddam and the Taliban is a good thing, if the liberated parties were supported towards democracy, but fighting endlessly to no end is bad; very bad indeed. Your average Afghan or Iraqi deserves better than this; they deserve the freedoms these wars represent… do George, or Tony, or even Gordon think the same? I think history will judge them poorly because they lost sight of the end result.

Rant over.

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Who? What? Why?

Okey dokes… thanks very much for stopping by my new blog.  Shall we get acquainted?


Well, my name is Oli aka KidCupid and I’m a 25 y/o guy living in Manchester City Centre. I live with my best gal JR and our cat Ebeneezer Snugglepuss King John III. Don’t worry, we didn’t name him… he’s our adopted cat. By trade I’m an Account Handler and copywriter for Creative Agencies but I was made redundant a couple of weeks ago so I’m on the job hunt at the mo. Good news though, I’ve already had interviews and am expecting more this week. Keep ’em crossed for me!


Well, this is like my third attempt at blogging. I used to be on Livejournal which was cool but a little bit crazy for my liking. This blog is basically about my life but, for the first time, I’m going to be discussing my work and interests too. Please do interact, I think the interweb is a fascinating place.


Why is a difficult question, but why not? I’m a creative person and I’ve noticed that other creative types are finding blogging a good way to give themselves a platform. Eventually I’d like to make this blog open to all my day to day friends but I want to get some material together first; i’d hate to fall by the information superhighway sidelines!

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